5 Tips to make your Reception Perfect

1.        You can create a more intimate feel by using a smaller space.  

Ambiance is so important when it comes to wedding receptions, and one way you can create a more intimate setting is by using a smaller space.  Most people fall into the trap of thinking they must use the entire gym simply because it is there.  Since AZ Wedding Décor uses draping as walls we can turn huge, empty spaces into cozy ones.  You should consider the number of guests, tables, chairs, as well as the size of the dance floor to help you to come to your decision of how much of the gym to use.

2.   Turn off the fluorescent lighting.  

In order to make your reception feel more intimate and warm, AZ Wedding Décor turns off  all of the fluorescent lighting and uses much softer light by using string lights in the drop ceilings and chandeliers. 

3.       Bring in your wedding colors through centerpieces and other decor.  

Lots of Brides get hung up that the overlays or chair sashes are not their exact wedding color.  There are a few ways to overcome this. The first would be to use a more neutral color for the table overlays, and bring in the colors with centerpieces and other décor.  The second is to remember that at AZ Wedding Décor we use our own lights from chandeliers and from the drop ceiling.  This usually creates a low light, so the colors are not as vibrant.

4.       The best way to change a space is with draped walls and chandeliers.  

A drop ceiling and draped walls make a huge impact with any venue, and we would recommend that if it is in your budget, do both.  However, if it is not in your budget and you had to choose just one or the other, the biggest bang for your buck will come from adding draped walls to the perimeter of the venue.  The reason is because once we have walls up, with the chandeliers every 10-14 feet apart and 10 feet high, we can turn off the florescent lights and your eye does not go to the dark space above the walls.  On the other hand a drop ceiling without our draped walls light up the venues unattractive walls, drawing your eyes right to it.

5.       A backdrop is a nice way to make a reception line more visually stimulating.  

If you are planning on doing a reception line at your wedding reception, consider doing a backdrop to stand in front of.  AZ Wedding Décor can add the backdrop to any location in the wall you want, and it adds to the overall look and feel of the reception.  With a backdrop we can bring in your wedding colors, or even just leave it white while adding lots of bling with diamond cut beads, mesh and broaches.

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